Craig Harris
1836 Glendon Ave #4, Los Angeles, CA 90025
My goal is to use my experience in animation to produce high quality work on commercials, games, and feature films, while working along side other passionate artists and animators.
Highlights of Qualifications
  • Professional: Ability to produce high quality work in the tightest of deadlines. Take on tasks that need to be done. Possess knowledge and able to work in many areas of animation. Have a background in both 2D and 3D animation.
  • Teacher: I have taught night classes for both high school and university students seeking to get into the animation industry. Classes taught include figure drawing, animation, and composition.
  • Student: I have been taking night and weekend classes in figure drawing, storyboarding, and animation in order to advance and grow my skill set to the next level. Very eager to learn from the people around me.
  • Work Experience
    Big Red Button Entertainment, El Segundo, CA
    June 2010 – Current
    Concept/Storyboard Artist and 3D Generalist: (Maya)
  • Designing characters and environments
  • Storyboarding gameplay
  • Modeling and texturing various scenes and characters
  • Rigging and animating characters
  • Writing Mel scripts for rigging
  • Creating Intellectual Property game pitches to be presented to publishers such as Sony, Konami, and Activision
  • Nomad Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
    Sept 2009 – Current
  • Securing locations for gallery shows
  • Marketing and advetising for shows
  • Securing artists for gallery events
  • Preparing and organizing artwork for display
  • Co-Ordinating setup and breakdown of gallery shows from various locations
  • Freelance art director for various game projects
  • Freelance animator for various game projects
  • Freelance illustration and graphic design work for various companies
  • High Impact Games, Burbank, CA
    Jan 2006 – Sept2009
    Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank
    Senior Animator: (Maya)
  • Animated Cinematics and In-Game Characters
  • Modeled and textured various vehicles and characters from time to time
  • Wrote selection scripts in Mel Script
  • Designed characters for other possible projects when needed
  • James Baxter Animation, Pasadena, CA
    May 2005 – Dec 2005
    Curious George and Enchanted
    Inbetweener: (Traditional Animation Internship)
  • Worked on animation tests of my own having James’ input
  • Inbetweened shots for Curious George and a test for Enchanted
  • Luxoflux Corp, Santa Monica, CA
    Jan 2003 – Apr 2005
    Shrek 2 and Shrek 3
    Animator: (3D Studio Max)
  • Animated and set up shots for cinematics that would play throughout Shrek 2 game
  • Completed a variety test animations for Shrek 3 game
  • Completed animations for in game use
  • Rigged and skinned a variety of characters
  • Teamed up with the art, design and programming leads to deliver animations that worked for gameplay and told the story that needed to be told in cinematics
  • True Crime and True Crime 2
    Animator: (3D Studio Max)
  • Hand key animating mission specific character and animal animations
  • Motion capture clean-up
  • Black Ops, Santa Monica, CA
    Oct 2002 – Dec 2002
    Terminator 3, X-Files, and Street Hoops 2
    Animator, Modeler, Texture Artist: (3D Studio Max)
  • Hand keyed a variety of in-game animations
  • Clean-up of facial motion capture
  • Modeled and texturing various props and environmental elements
  • Swanson Productions, Thousand Oaks, CA
    Aug 2001 – Oct 2002
    You Are Mine (Home Video)
    Animator, Lighter, Character Design, Layout: (Maya)
  • Animated shots for production
  • Designed characters for background use
  • Responsible for scene layout in Maya
  • Storyboarded teaser short for sequel
  • Telestory Productions, Norfolk, VA
    Sept 2000 – April 2001
    Angel Wars (Home Video)
    Storyboard Artist, Modeler, Character Designer: (Maya)
  • Storyboarded entire 30 minute script
  • Designed characters and backgrounds
  • Modeled buildings and props
  • Koehler Studios, Virginia Beach, VA
    Sept 2000 – Sept 2001
    Graphic Design
    Designer, Illustrator, Animator: (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Designed logos, ads, and flash animations for various companies
  • Spumco Animation (Internship), Burbank, CA
    March 1999 – May 1999
    He Hog the Atomic Pig T.V. production for MTV
    Background and Character Clean-Up: (Pencil and Paper)
  • Cleaned up backgrounds and rough character animation
  • Education
    Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
    Aug 1994 – Dec 1998
  • BFA degree with an emphasis in drawing and animation
  • Associates in Art, Sherman Oaks, CA
    Jan 1999 – May 1999
  • Various animation and drawing classes (Degree N/A)
  • California Art Institute, Thousand Oaks, CA
    Oct 2004 – Current
  • Figure Drawing and Painting (Degree N/A)